Fundamental Training

FUNDAMENTAL Training Form Confirmation

  • Planet Nails Training Form Confirmation

    Planet Nails Training Form Confirmation
  • Registration

    • Registration for any training course closes 14 days before commencement of that course.

    • Fundamentals: A 50% deposit of the Course price needs to be paid when Training is booked.

    • The deposit secures the student’s space in the class. 50% of the Training Price is non-refundable, should the student cancel the Training for whatever reason, the deposit (50% of training fee) already paid will be forfeited. Should the student want to cancel the Course but keep the Training Kit, the Training Kit can be purchased. This is an extra and separate amount from the deposit amount.

    • Any Course taken at a Planet Nails Training School must be paid in full before the start of the Course.

    • The student must request and receive a receipt for payment and a copy of the completed Registration Form.
  • Special Needs

    • Students with special needs might need extra Training days. It costs $350 per day.

    • If the student needs a translator during Training, a translator must pay to attend the Course too. The student must provide a translator.

    • Students with special needs might need to make special arrangements for their Exam. Translated or oral Exam can be done and are charged at $150 per system. The student must provide a translator.
  • Training

    All courses must be attended in full by the student.

    • Planet Nails reserves the right to refuse training to any student should the student not attend classes on the times and dates agreed upon or if the student disrupts the class.

    • If a student changes the agreed-upon Training Dates, a $350 penalty per day will be payable by the student to book new days.

    • If a student arrives late or not at all, or starts the Training, and cannot attend the Training in full (for whatever reason), $350 per day must be paid extra to complete the days not attended.

    • Training Kits (if any) will only be supplied on the 1st day of training. Training Kits may only be removed from the Training Venue once the Training has been completed.

    • The Practical component of the training course can only be done on live models. It is the student’s responsibility to provide a model for the Practical component of any course. If a training day needs to be rescheduled due to the student being unable to bring a model a $350 rescheduling fee will be applicable for each day that needs to be rescheduled.

    • Photos and videos of students and their work completed during class hours might be used on the Planet Nails/Educators Social Media pages.

  • Industry Recognised Certificate

    Once you’ve completed the practical component of the training on your models, your educator will assess the sets and determine if you qualify for your certificate. If your educator feels you are competent after the practical sets completed during the training course, you will be awarded your certificate. • Any student may be required to complete additional practical hours (in addition to the practical sets performed on models during the class) to qualify for a certificate if the educator feels additional practice is required. In this case the student is required to perform a minimum of 2 sets of Nails in the Training Course System chosen. • A Portfolio must also be compiled of Practical Sets completed on live models and emailed to the educator. The email should contain the following for each completed set: a before photo, after nail prep photo, after product application photo, after finish filing photo, a final photo of the completed set, and a short description of performed enhancements. • Once these practical sets are completed, and emailed to your educator, Assessment can take place. The purpose of Assessment is for the student to prove competency towards the Unit Standard that he/she was Trained towards. • If these additional sets are required, they must be completed and emailed to your PN Educator within 6 months of the start of the Course to qualify for assessment and ultimately for your certificate. • Once the student has emailed the required proof for the practical hours/sets, it will be assessed by Planet Nails educator and if the assessment is passed, the certificate will be awarded to the student. The certificate will be emailed to the student once awarded. • Practical hours/sets can only be done on live models. It is the student’s responsibility to provide a model for the Practical hours/sets. • We cannot award a certificate if you have not completed the required practical hours / sets or if the educator feels like more practical hours are required to prove competent.
  • Personal & Training Information

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Acknowledgment

    I hereby acknowledge that the Course content was explained to me and that I am satisfied with the course I have chosen to attend. I understand that once my deposit is paid, I have agreed to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this registration form.
  • If you agree with the above, please sign your name.