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Nail enhancements have evolved greatly over the years and so have what our clients want to wear on their nails. With soft gel extensions and resin dipping services being so popular over the last few years we have started seeing an increase in clients suffering from thin brittle and delicate nails and this can be contributed to constant full removal and reapplication of nail enhancements every 3-4 weeks. This is not good for the natural nails and it is completely unnecessary. In this video I teach you how to safely and effectively take any nail enhancement down to a thin layer ready for reapplication. Doing this instead of soaking off will help maintain the integrity of the natural nails, safe you time and product. When opting to do this, we do encourage you to always start with a thin clear base product which is what you would take it down to each visit. Having a clear base just means you are able to keep an eye on the state of the natural nails each visit.


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